Maj. Gen. Rev. Ian Durie

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Major-General the Reverend Ian Durie CBE (1944-2005)

Ian  Durie was killed in a road accident in Romania on 21  April 2005, while taking part in a bible conference for Romanian army cadets. After a distinguished army career, he had become an Anglican minister with a deep concern for the ethics of war and an awareness of the importance of a strong Christian ethic in armed forces across the world.

Ian Geoffrey Campbell Durie was one of twin boys, born in Glasgow on 21 August 1944. They spent the first year of their life in Argyll. Apart from a short spell near Salisbury, where their father, who was in the army, was posted, they grew up in Scotland, mainly Aberdeen, Argyll and Edinburgh. He and his twin brother, David, (who later became Sir David Durie, Governor of Gibraltar 2000-3) were educated at Fettes. He joined the army in 1962 and, after two years at Sandhurst, followed his father, grandfather and uncle by being commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1964. Shortly afterwards, he took a mechanical sciences degree at St John’s College, Cambridge, where he met and married Janie Whitehead.

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