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Durie Genealogy and DNA

This section contains fascinating historic and genealogical detail and includes database resources covering Durie family events.

It draws information from old parish registers (OPR) from the mid-1500s to 1854, statutory records from 1855 and the censuses from 1841 to 1911.amongst other records. These data have been compiled from a variety of sources and in many cases involved a comparison of ScotlandsPeople, Ancestry.com and other databases against the original records.

Not everyone is in there – some may have been miss-transcribed, for example as Davie or Dairy, or completely missed.

This section is continually being expanded and will include later records, where law and the EU and UK Data Protection laws allow, so this is an area to which you may want to return often.

There is a Durie Family Tree, built using The Next Generation (TNG) software, showing the family's descent from the first Duries in the 1200s via the documented Richard de Doure ca. 1400.

There is also access to the Durie DNA Surname Project at Family Tree DNA (www.familytreedna.com/public/Durie). Joining the Project is only available to those who have taken a FTDNA Y-DNA test and have a FTDNA log-in. See www.ftdna.com

The Family Genealogist, Dr Bruce Durie, can provide a service to Members to help unwrap their ancestry. Contact Dr Bruce Durie by clicking here or visit his website: www.brucedurie.co.uk


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Durie Family Tree Durie Descendents DNA Project

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